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We had our AI exam evaluation today, which was pretty well just what Dr Andy said it'd be: take these case data, build a decision tree with probabilities. He never satisfactorily explained from where the probabilities actually came, though; hopefully I did well enough anyway. The evaluations don't count for much of our grade anyway.

Speaking of much of our grade, it's only a little while before we do “The Tournament.” We have to write programs to play a human-mediated round robin tournament of Simplified Blackjack. I plan to try a few different methods, and I was going to work on the driver for it tonight, but I'm so tired. I found some more energy a few minutes ago for some other task so maybe I'll find a bit more to at least start on that. Or maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

I want to try digital cut-up with a neural network, but it's all blood from a stone right now.

Meanwhile, compersion:

Rarely do we have access to the idea that there is something else, another way of loving, another way of feeling, another way of living: and that is called compersion. Often defined as the “opposite of jealousy,” compersion is really what is available in the vast landscape of pleasure and intimacy beyond jealousy.

Other “c” words I've googled recently: Christmas tree packets, cache::filecache, cactopus, cairass, cardcaptors, carl weathers, cassandra, cassandra peterson, chattanooga state, chemical materials disposal, chicago npr, chushingura, clefairy, cleopatra asp, climber2000, colitas lyric, coupland weblog, crankshaft, crispin glover.

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