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Be attitude for games

I'm still working Second Life out of my system, sorry.

  • I wanted to go outside in real life and fly up above the trees this evening, to watch the sunset. That's compelling. If I built an SL home it might rotate to keep a veranda pointed at the sunset always. They aren't actually all that great, the sunsets and sunrises, but they're still nice to look at; I read that Linden Lab put a lot of work into getting the astrophysics right, and several places made a big deal about their cellular automata based weather system, but making really wonderful sunsets and sunrises is something they could get even better, I think. Before I was considering an underground (and thus underwater) home of some sort, so maybe I simply don't know what I'd do with the opportunity.
  • Some cute names you could use:
    • Ukelele Guillaume
    • Peta Femto
    • Ped Crossing
    • Ein Rand
    • Andrew Orlowski
    I keep thinking it'd be interesting to organize the list of last names by source (scientists, philosophers, etc) to find a link between the ones that seem odd out.
  • Second Life could be good for a Holy Fire style memory palace. The L$10 to upload a texture would hit you, depending on how you stored things. Your friends could go to your place and leave notes and pictures for you; Hamlet Linden already did that in one way, by uploading a picture of Cory Doctorow for people to use in producing an avatar for him. Of course, Linden Lab would probably prefer not to be liable for your personal documents being lost in a sim crash.
  • I forget if it actually made it to court or not, but last I knew Harley-Davidson claimed intellectual property in the unique sound a Harley makes. So you couldn't make a real Harley with correct sound in Second Life without transgressing the intellectual property rules—except according to natasha_nelson's tireless efforts, they dropped the trademark case, so really you can.
  • There was something else I mentioned online yesterday as missing from my post but I forgot what it was. I found a place where it feels all right / I heard a record and it opened my eyes... and nothing else matters when I turn it up loud.
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