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First Life

I was going to write a new post reading, “I want it I want it I want it,” and dithering about what seems like my new addiction—but then I realized I've played enough Second Life and can stop now. Yes, if I had the disposable income and broadband (and my computer would run it decently; that remains to be seen), I would subscribe. I don't, and I'm OK with that.

I did play Jetball (that game played in that arena from “Island Boy”), and it was fun. It'd be better if you moved faster: you still walk like normal (and female avatars still with that prim female_walk animation). If you ran, or had rollerskates or something, it'd be more interesting. Heh, maybe if you had jet skates that let you zoom up the sides of the arena... It also got dark while we were playing, so it was hard to see. Second Life needs better lighting if it's going to have night.

That description elides that the six of us who played all sucked, and the referee had to join before someone scored. And yes, it was the referee. (I had quite a few shots on goal but I couldn't figure out where to aim to get it in.)

It's been a while since I felt that deep-stomach ache of inadequacy in my real life; it was last when I started on social MU*s, and made so many (of you as) friends. That's about the best endorsement for Second Life I could give.
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