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Technical weblogging

As mercury appears kaput at the moment, you'll have to put up with me posting these here. Sorry.

  • V. Satheesh Babu posted some interesting things:
    • Simon Willison wrote a bit about Python's interactive interpreter (and he follows up).
    • He used XYAPTU, a simple templater, for templating in Spycyroll. I still like my templater for Prrarf and, separately,, but I may work on a little script to do real PHP-style <?code interpolation?> by turning the text outside the ?>s into docstrings. That's what they really are, after all...
    • His post on DB2 and Oracle specifics flies right over my head, but speaks to me for the work I did with sqlite last night. Will sqlite be the Perl/Python/Ruby etc to the “industrial strength” relational databases?
  • Python gotchas: “for someone coming from a Windows background, [backslashes as escape characters] may very well be unfamiliar.” What? Oh, I guess he meant VB background. #5 Mutable defaults for function/method arguments is a bit unintuitive at first but I'd dispute that it “bites everybody as they learn Python” (my emph).
  • Python Robocode? Sounds like fun.
  • Python's suggested style prefers spaces over tabs; I should set up TextPad's automatic conversion so I can use tabs but save files with spaces (via Alan via Charles above). Also, I should change the isinstance(foo, str) I wrote the other day to isinstance(foo, basestring).
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