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I noticed several people had badly strange dreams recently, so I thought I'd note I've had a few badly strange visions/daydreams lately. I had two different ones early yesterday, but I forgot them. One driving home last night: in the news just before Fresh Air they mentioned the study that finds the disease similar to Creutzfeld-Jacob in deer is communicable among a herd, by putting healthy deer in a diseased herd and finding the healthy deer get it. So I had a sudden vision that I would get home and, while I was in transit, everyone contracted a similar disease, so my loved ones were wandering dumbly with liquified brain goo oozing from their orifices. All in all it's pretty scary, to think this rogue protein is going to fuck with your you-ness by getting in your head and making you dumb. At least that's integral part of my me-ness, so I'm pretty scared of that.

Then last night going to sleep, during the usual bout of the conscious mind wearing itself out, I had another vision on the recurring theme of being chased down by a car. Parts of a couple streets on campus are blocked off for purely pedestrian traffic, because if they didn't they'd be overrun with pedestrian traffic anyway. Flanking the gates on the street adjacent to the CS building(s) are big planters made of... like... formed stones-smaller-than-cobblestone, whatever they're called. But this car is chasing me down and I'm standing in front of the planter, and I see I have to kick up off the ground so it'll hit the planter; then my feet'll land on the hood and it'll be OK.

But then it strikes me that if the car is going fast enough, it'll actually dislodge the planter and move it some, and that would be dangerous for me, so I perhaps should run to the nearby building. Honestly, I don't think I could outrun a car, even one going over pedestrian walkways like that. Even if I did get to the door, it's recessed such that the car can't turn in to get me—but if it passes then turns to line up right at the recessed portion, and comes straight at it, it's about car-sized. I imagined the door was locked, so I couldn't actually get inside, which meant the car had time to do that and I didn't really have anywhere else to go. I'd have to break the door, which is windowed but probably plexiglass so either I couldn't break it or couldn't break it in time, and I wouldn't be able to lean up on anything like the planter to get out of the way.

Deep down I'm really truly afraid of cars, but either not so much or not in such a fashion that I can't use one amidst others in traffic—but I'm glad I had a good defensive driving course.
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