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People on the Internet are routers in the meme network, which is funny, 'cause they're all (by definition) at the edges of the TCP/IP network. If you think of the Internet as the usual 2D projection of interconnected routers, every node of the meme network is on the periphery of that diagram. In order to map them both you have to bump up a dimension to 3D: if the Internet is a circle then, simply projected into 3D, the Internet + meme network is a cylinder, the curved walls being a 2D map of the meme network. More accurate would be depicting the meme network as a plane unbounded in 2D, on the surface of a sphere—a kind of surface of the earth on which people exchange ideas, held up and in shape by the Internet.

So an attempt by a local monopoly ISP to monetize its customers' relationships with anyone would be an attempt by the owner of a wedge of earth to force new mountains up, to make certain paths on the meme network intractable.

Speaking of diagrams, you could use publically available resources to build world maps of your friends. An interesting version would be a "friends projection" of the world. That is, draw the most logical (probably real-location-based) friends network you can, then use each node's meatspace location to warp a world map around it; I have several LJ friends in California's Bay Area so it would be bigger in a friends projection map than, say, Greenland, where I have zero friends that I know of. I might build it depending how lucrative the Google ads would be, compared to processing time and bandwidth overage.

I have to finish getting ready for class now.
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