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Inuyasha fans hijack weblog

For some reason I don't think this would happen on LiveJournal.

(I added the links.)

Herb Kirchhoff at June 14, 2003 05:16 PM


Thanks to the owner of this blog for being kind enough to let me turn this into a sort of Inuyasha news service. I’ll keep posting new IY-related developments here as I find them. So tell your fellow IY fans about this site. Your comments, good or bad, will reassure me that someone out there actually reads this thing. If you have IY-related questions I’ll try to help you out but I can’t guarantee I’ll always know the answer. Who am I? I’m in the over-30 contingent of Inuyasha fans, male, family man, residing in the midwest, and an info research specialist by trade. I track Inuyasha news for the fun of it, to help my fellow IY fans. (^_*)

You can see mcgroarty's and lumin_esc's posts early on, poking fun at the first random Googlers. I don't think anyone expected it to still be going. I should get my recent access logs so I can see the traffic I'm getting there—but if my recent searches are any indication, two-thirds my visitors are people who typed "Inuyasha" into Yahoo.

I just recently made my one post when I stumbled over the GameCritics review of the Inuyasha game, but I don't know if Herb or anyone noticed that's "the weblog author." If I'm going to keep that Googlejuice regardless, I'm half tempted to set up a special Inuyasha blog for Herb to post in—though apparently he contributes to Inuyasha World. Hmm.

Even shy of that, I'm tempted to niceify the page up for the visitors, but I don't really know how I could do that. And as ColdForged wrote in aforelinked link, "Search visitors are not a readership." I may do a special sidebar with links to and such, and change that search widget to a Google search, so folks at least stop spamming my intrablog search with "dbz" and "naked lupon."

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