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I took the thing for kicks, and holy shit does no one know how to write HTML anymore? There's no way a human spit that crap out. And that's literally about font-size: 50% on my screen. I even heard someone talking about earlier today and had no idea it was the bar chart with the tiny-ass font until later.

andrewducker 106%  
mcgroarty 98%  
noitaroproc 97%  
prickvixen 94%  
shippo 93%  
ambering 93%  
hukka 91%  
charles 91%  
hyenastripes 91%  
crocodile 91%  
silverbrand 91%  
revar 90%  
sythyry 88%  
barberio 87%  
aenaminie 84%  
kesherz 84%  
speck 80%  
bluedeer 79%  
protocat 61%  
taral 58%  
How something or what the who?

So, someone needs to tell them their thingie can't count or something. [Update: they know.]

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