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Geoff Howland's How Do I Make Games? A path to game development went around a while back, and I thought it was great too. While foxish decided to start out at the beginning with Tetris a blockdropping game, I had done enough sort-of-games (including a little tinkering on the Linux TetriNET server) that I thought I might skip ahead to breakout.

And it's nowhere near done, but I thought I'd still share what I have if you want to see it. This is the fruit of a month or two's on-and-off work, so really I'd kind of rather be farther along, but a lot of the dithering was in getting familiar with SDL and OOing the game play (which maybe I shouldn't've done, but I know mcgroarty et al. do use C++ with OO, so...). Actually most of the intro screen is what I did in the last couple days, but that's pretty well wanking (besides being terminally old-school) compared to actually implementing more of the game, so I'm not surprised it was so short to do.

The binary is for Windows but if someone really wants I can post source too. The letter images and the images in the actual game are from Ari Feldman's spritelib, as mentioned in Geoff's article.
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