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S2 changes

Because the one question in the S2 FAQ category is incomplete, here's the question that should be there:

Q: Wowie zowie, there are neat new S2 style features, like (finally!) styling the actual entry display page. How do I take advantage of these spiffy gewgaws?

A: You probably don't. That is, if you have any idea what I'm talking about, you probably have a paid account and a custom journal style. Unfortunately you can't use your S1 custom styles with S2, and making styles in S2 is rocket science. So if you want to or already do use a standard style, you can switch to S2 here. Otherwise you can either take a week off to learn S2 style programming, or be content with the other new features, like the DHTML subject icon selector that replaces that ass-ugly wharf of stupid grins and googly eyes.

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