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I'm so tired this morning (PDT). I have to use the toe-wiggling trick (if your body is so tired it won't get up, start by wiggling your toes, then your feet, moving up until enough of you is in motion that there's no inertia to stay seated anymore) just to get up from this chair.

And it occurs to me every morning of high school was like this: I would get ready to go but be a few minutes early, because I would leave at a particular time (if I wasn't late), and my schedule allowed a little lateness or slowness, so I often had the time to sit for up to ten minutes before leaving. Getting up then was sooo difficult. I had to use the toe-wiggling trick, every time, because my body literally did not want to move for a while.

So, yeah. I guess it's a combination of my presentation today (which I'm belittling in my mind, telling myself what I have done is adequate, as there sure isn't time to do more) and... you know... being tired. I keep worrying my threshold for tiring is really low, and that I'll be blindsided when it comes time to do a full day's work, but I won't whine about that as I've already exceeded angst quota for the day.

So... how are things in your town?
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