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Halp, halp!

Hello! I seem to have just banged my head pretty badly on the cabinet door above this computer, and have come down with amnesia. Luckily both this journal entry form and someone else's journal entry with the below quiz were already open, or I don't know what I'd do!

Could you perhaps tell me a little about me?

Nota bene: Your answers will be submitted off of LJ, so they're completely anonymous. I could bother matching up your post with my access logs to find out your IP, which wouldn't tell me much of anything, so I promise not to.

You can click the text of the option to select it, also, unlike normal LJ polls. Isn't HTML fun?

Update: Just so you know, no, you don't have to answer everything. I would rather you answer at all.

Do I, markpasc, have any piercings?

Do I, markpasc, have any tattoos?

Do I like candles?

Do I like hot wax?

Do I like incense?

Do I like the taste of blood?

Am I a:

Am I one kinky son of a bitch?

What is my sexual preference?

Do I like [sic] stuffed animals?

Do I believe in:

Have I ever:

Have I, in the last twenty-four hours:

Would I rather be:

Thanks for helping me get my memory back!

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