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This week's Disenchanted, Invent this and die, reminds me of a thought I've had once or twice recently. This thought comes to me when I'm interacting with the family cat, who is nice but rather mouthy when he wants something. The humans of the house don't help, of course, with our silly preoccupations with living our own lives--not being home to let him in or out, not prefilling his water and food dishes, being busy doing something that precludes petting him--so he has to rub against legs and meow noisily (a sound which I'm convinced has evolved in felis domus for precisely this reason) and generally provoke us into doing anything he needs us to do. This doesn't sound so unusual to me, because without us he couldn't open doors or provide himself with foul-smelling food pellets or pet himself the way someone with four fingers and an opposable thumb can.

However, the thought is: when we create a posthuman creature, whether it's homo medias, a Singularity AI, or the likely answer of something even more strange, will we have the same relationship? Will we humans be their pets, the creatures that whine and badger them to do the things that make our lives easy that we can't?

Or, possibly, has this already happened?

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