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Related to terrulen's discussion (this and the next post) of YNA's virtual beanie game is Greg Costikyan's entry on Disney Toontown, a peculiarly Disney MMORPG. I'm not sure why they seem related, since Nintendorks' coin collecting game (well, the coin collecting game they used to have) is certainly more like the beanie game. Maybe it's that they're both shiny nonviolent games and there are so few of those.

And Toontown also relates to Sands Verbum (sorry to keep harping on that!) as he writes:

The implementation of chat is one of Toontown's most interesting features; Disney wants it to be safe for kids, so freeform chat isn't normally permitted. A pretty deep menuing system lets you say about 90% of the things you'd want to say--with a fair bit of variability, too, e.g., there are a dozen ways to say "hello" (Hi!, Hey!, Hiya!, and so on). Additionally, you can email people you know outside the game with a "secret" that, once they enter it in the game, allows the two of you to engage in freeform chat with each other--but you have to know someone outside the game first. This is a little awkward, actually--there are people in the game I'd like to be able to chat with whom I do not know--but whatever, this does ensure nobody's going to be sexually harassing kids or whatnot.

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