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So I'm in this reality tv thing that's part reality tv show--though there're no visible cameras--and part community (in the The Prisoner vein), and those of you know me know community is important to me because I have roughly none. There was a round resolution step (see below), and after someone was eliminated, a new person arrives--apparently, anyway, since after the first round, Adam James, who tapped the window today to inquire voicelessly if I wasn't going to class since it had already started, arrived.

After Adam annoyed some people with his typically ingratiating bombast, the round progressed normally. This involved one person getting shot by some shock (not electrical, but I don't know how else to describe it) weapon that made her shake like the people who stepped in the energy spaces in that one episode of X-Files and zoom back into the shadows away from the table thing that everyone was around. A moment letter she zoomed back and quipped something or other.

One part of the round is endangering the life of the players. For some reason my danger was air-related, and I was with this old woman who was a cross between that sex doctor, my alienated grandmother, and the deaf mute woman in Murder by Death (I remember her in the context of someone asking, Don't I remember her? and me recalling she looked like the deaf mute woman from Murder by Death), and we had to climb into this device that created a vaccuum for a few moments--so we wouldn't be able to breathe, but we would be safe temporarily from whatever it was that was after us. So we did, but the woman remarked that since she was so familiar with the device--she had invented it or something--it must have been my danger we were escaping, since it wasn't a dangerous enough situation for her to count.

At this point, I figure I've dreamed about this before, because it's familiar--but this device was actually invoked regularly as part of round resolution, figuring out who was eliminated.

At the end of the round, everyone's floating around in this soup or ball pit or something, having the round's Laugh on the Bridge (like in Star Trek--it's a fun name for the conclusion of a show which, in a sitcom, is usually after the resolution where everything's all right again before the credits). Some part (especially in the first round resolution, before Adam arrived) involved that vaccuum machine, and some part (especially in the second round resolution, after my episode with the Murder by Death woman) involved parsing a dangerous situation with some fish or aquatic creature or something.

And I woke up to my parents being loud as usual (though it's my fault I was napping in a common room) with a spot of car door type oil dirt gunk on my finger.

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