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I was wondering last night, after reading the three parts of Jury Service I had missed, if there was a name for the genre Cory Doctorow (and Jim Munroe?) writes in. It's extropian, according to Bryant. Not that I want to pigeonhole him, but with "father" Neal Stephenson and "dirty old uncle" Bruce Sterling, he's in good company. Bryant also says Jury Service is a phatic story, meaning "used to share feelings or to establish a mood of sociability rather than to communicate information or ideas." Interesting review.

I'm still waiting for Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. ships 9 January, so not much longer. It'll be available as a free ebook that day, but I'll probably wait to read it in atoms. I don't expect Amazon will preship it to arrive on the 9th like they did those Harry Potter books, either.

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