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I'm apparently neglecting to actually wake up today. I was unable to convince myself of the value of going to class, and the immensely foggy drives to and fro didn't help any. I'm in a muddy, dry-mouthed catatonia, which I'll try to fix with music and food after I write.

Obviously, since I'm still writing on LiveJournal, I haven't bothered to get my phone line fixed. Rather, I don't even know if it's still broken (but I assume it is--I haven't the gumption today to even check), I'm ignoring it so much. It's a foregone conclusion that my puny computer--which has my copy of Radio UserLand on it--is not practically usable at this time.

It has a profound negative impact on my psychological well-being. While neither as serious nor life threatening as being really homeless, I am without an infospherical home--my ~, if you will. I imagine people who're around computers enough understand that when you have data to keep, you personalize and organize it, and it feels like home. The computer is a machine for crystallizing and keeping your thoughts, so when you put your thoughts in it and have the freedom to do it as you wish, you build a memory palace to put things in. Everything has a place according to your own personal floor plan, and you know where everything is. Your corner of the datasphere is your home, where you can wrap up in a comfortable blanket on a bad, cold, wet, or lonely day.

Hence the impact on my non-physical well-being. I've been evicted from my memory palace, which makes my zip disk all the more important: I may be living out of a suitcase, but at least I have a suitcase.

Which makes it all the more distressing to find I left my zip disk in a computer lab on campus.

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