markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

The lights are turned way down low

It's after Thanksgiving, so I had no excuse not to put up my Christmas lights. These are just in my room for my enjoyment. They're a $10 strand 53' long of eight-mode lights from K-Mart. As you can likely see, they are affixed to the wall and ceiling with masking tape; each strand of tape is wrapped around the wire, so the wire can't move at all without coming unaffixed from the wall.

Even pressing my head against the wall at the opposite end of the room, I couldn't get the whole setup in the frame, so the first picture is a composite. The cable has a big green wart just before the first light; the wart is resting in the wadded-up hammock of small stuffed animals, while the cable drops down between the dresser and bookcase to plug in.

The lights, with the overhead light on

The lights, with the overhead light off, lit up green and red

An animated GIF of the lights switching from blue to green to red [30 Nov 3:08p: I made the animation less wobbly, and added a transition between red and blue.]
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