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Dream sponsored by McDonalds

It was this newfangled proving ground McDonalds, which was actually six subrestaurants: a coffee shop (as in they served only coffee, the middle ones in the menu labeled "Res Burgers"--I assumed it was coffee that went well with McDonalds hamburgers), a bar/restaurant, an upscale steak house, a downscale school cafeteria type place (with big picture menus behind, but faux verisimilitude like giving you ratty notebooks hardbound like library books for your tray (or something, since when I did get in line, I forgot a real tray that other folks had too), which the manager behind the counter complained a lot about), a normal McDonalds, and some other restaurant I don't recall just now. I was actually with Joshua (IIRC) across the street, in a shop or restaurant (I think restaurant), but there was a guy (portrayed by Carl Lumbly) who wanted to meet with Joshua--like, waved him over and such--so we crossed the street (I was tagging along, possibly uninvited) and entered. I stood kind of nearby, but decided I was hungry and wanted to buy something, but all the subrestaurants were closing, one by one as I dithered about whether to get in line. Sort of, anyway: the coffeeshop stayed open, but they didn't have any actual food, just coffee; the steakhouse was open, but too upscale--I didn't want to go in; the bar/restaurant was open, but Joshua and his prospective employer or whatever were there and I didn't want to be seen or get in the way; the cafeteria was open, but for some reason. So there was nowhere to eat because all the places were closed due to my indecision (only not).

At one point I thought there might be related shops (like a funeral parlor) between the stores, but I might've imagined that while I was waking up and trying to remember the dream for posting. I don't remember seeing or actually going into any such place, so I don't think they were actually there in the real dream, just prejudiced in after.
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