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One month from today

I'm listening to holiday music, selecting for Christmas mix disc volume 2. The other day at K-Mart with parent I got brand new lights to string up in my room. (The old ones I used last year burned out. I had them on flash which we don't, when they're on the tree.) I don't know where to put them, or if I should bother yet, but last night I plugged them in (still in the plastic holder) and switched through the eight modes, admiring. The slow glow gets progressively faster then slow again, and sitting in my room with the lamp off and they glowed prettily, holding them almost in my lap as I was. Not sure I like that the speed oscillates, but they're still nice.

Feels like I'm going to buy this, if only for a particular song to put on my mix disc. If anything I'd like to have something else to buy than just that—I'd like to think Amazon's free shipping upsell isn't to blame, but I'm not so sure. If they had any Ken Nordine I cared to buy, it wouldn't be an issue. I often feel bad about not really getting anyone anything for a gift, but I can't buy everyone something and don't want to (be seen to) play favorites, and if I did decide to buy someone something, I wouldn't know what to buy anyway.
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