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I'm still reading The Transparent Society by David Brin. Brin speaks to the idea that children should be "raised with critical reasoning skills so that, as they mature, they will be able to evaluate new ideas with a mix of curiosity and skepticism," rather than protecting them against the big bad world. (The issue at hand is the CDA.) He quotes Stefan Jones (in "private communication," so there's no more of it to track down, wah):

Cosmopolitanism is Maturity's eccentric brother; the bohemian uncle who drops by with weird gifts for the kids and lots of strange stories. Aunt Frailty wants to throw away the shrunken heads and the brass lamp with naked people on it, and tries to put the kids to bed early before Cosmo has had a few and starts talking about his visit to the Yoshiwara and the time he ate dog. But Mother Maturity lets the kids listen from the stairs and secretly pulls the gifts out of the trash before collection day. Maturity certainly keeps a wary eye on Cosmo. On the other hand, she doesn't want her kids to turn out to be dullards, like their cousins.

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