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(This is my dream. There are many like it, but this one is mine.)

An Ani Difranco video about fatherly hatred. (I don't hate my father, but we don't speak much. He's a middle-aged working class man who likes to buy electronical gadgets, and I like to—you know—think about things.) The Ani-like figure is in the garage when the father (who doesn't look anything like mine—he's actually portrayed by an actor whose name I don't know) gets home, so she shuts the garage door, but then he opens it. Ani is ready to throw a basketball at him, but the door opens only a little—only tall enough for this squat guy who looks like a lawn gnome to waddle through, saying a chipper, "Hello!"

Then everyone had a laugh and there were some behind the scenes clips, and apparently some behind the scenes clips transitioning into another video for the same song (the name of which I've forgotten), but which involved Ani and a young teenage man and a little boy and a girl having five o'clock shadow. The young man was playing guitar a little and singing in his high boyish voice about it, in the last outtake scene. I didn't get to see the second video.
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