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Somebody told the weather it's November now.

I'm blogging here today, apparently, as I still have no ideas for a template for my new Movable Type weblog. Whatever it is, it won't do any favors for the argument against CSS having to be boxy. You have two lines in which to reach minimum safe distance.

<AaronSw> google invented disposable servers. when they stop working, they chop them up and feed them to the lava lamps or melt them down and mold them into lego blocks.

Aaron also points in his sidebar (by way of a Google Weblog entry) at My Way, a portal with the Google nature. Funny: its directory is "powered by Google" when Google's is powered by the ODP. Why not cut out the middleman? Meanwhile their games are by Gamehouse, horoscopes, and weather I'm not quite sure how they're getting their news, though they offer AP, Reuters, NYT, MSNBC, and CBS. They either give you a My Way webmail account or will link to your account on a bunch of other webmail services. Their cartoons wedge is a far cry from the Belfry Comics Index (since it's powered by ucomics).

My Way journaling from LiveJournal? No, not yet.

Amazon's apparel store (via) is only interesting in that they didn't do it already: they're already doing the web fulfillment for Marshall Field's and Target, two of their happy yay fun featured brands.

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