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The web

Someone on webdesign-l wrote:

I find the notion that the web offers only "content" bereft of its "look" not only abhorrent but wholly at odds with the rest of our experience with other media. We don't have this attitude with TV, books, newspapers, industrial design, etc., why should we insist on it when it comes to the web?

Precisely because we don't have it other media. You can't have "the web only like TV"--if you want a medium with television's properties, use television. There are good reasons television is television, and the web is not. Making the web television only demolishes what's special about it (like accessibility, and the informational lever of the universal Turing machine).

The thread is a long argument over whether should assume it can archive public web sites with impunity... and... I'm with the folks who say the objectors just don't understand the physics of the web, and I don't have much more to say about it. Do you?

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