markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Group Software Project: argh

Update 5:00pm: Yes, I was being frothingly paranoid.

So, whether through anger from my screwing up last week or general compunction to change, a big chunk of my group's CS490 Group Software Project project has changed. Like, we suddenly have menus and it's MDI (the kind of application with child windows in a parent window, like the last picture here). We've already turned in a functional then a design specification, so of course we suddenly have drastic, sweeping changes that sure as hell have functional pertinence. Especially when we're presenting to the client today, rather than the class instructor as we have until now.

Due to my own screwing up--I was supposed to help present our weekly status report, but we had pushed our design document back a week and I didn't realize we weren't presenting the design document but just turning it in, and rather than say anything I just showed up not ready to present--I'm ready to present something or other today, but I really don't know how I could. I'm no longer familiar with the database application. I'm really not familiar with the web site, since two particular folks in the group are handling 100% of that. At the moment I'm ready to parrot whatever I'm told.

Supposedly I'm a sort of liaison between the two groups, but that's because I couldn't pick a particular subgroup to horn in on. I don't want to usurp someone's hold on either group: I'm content to be pushed aside if I'm not needed. A valid question: to what extent have I made myself not needed? I don't think very much. I don't have experience in, and the web guys were anxious to handle that, even though really I have more experience in web stuff than I do without.

So my inner paranoiac says the web guy who did the mockup I said should be redone with better standards adherence as long as we don't have too many Netscape 4 visitors, and the group member I left in the lurch last week, are routing completely around me.

Ink suggests talking it out, contrary my paranoid imaginings and solitary nature. Since I haven't really spoken with them since last week, I think I'm going to find out how crazy these delusions are. I've been attributing to malice instead of stupidity (that's just how the quote goes), so my theory is I'll find my mind was making a lot of noise about nothing.
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