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Thursday blogging

A+++ for Doves' The Last Broadcast.

I should've linked to Radio killed the radio star by Todd Spencer for Salon the other day, but didn't. I was sleepy.

There should be copyright laws, but I do want to see Mickey Mouse selling tampons someday soon. This is what is fair and morally right.

(My thought on the above linked article--that is, whether Kazaa et al. are designed to facilitate unauthorized copying or merely copying--is they would be more copying-related if there were less anonymity. I still want a P2P app that ties into my IM contacts, letting me only share with them.)

That collective typography thing would be marginally more interesting if it didn't show you the current state of the letter or any examples when asking. Like, for lowercase t, it would display the entire page in uppercase and say "WE'RE TRYING TO DRAW A LOWERCASE 'T'."

The forums are full of people complaining that [along with changes to reduce the effect of Googlebombing] spam sites, doorway pages, and obvious cloaking attempts, which Google used to be so good at filtering out, are now popping up in top spots with disturbing frequency.

It's not good that fixing a long-standing bug is such news for UserLand. (See #5.)

Of course, I say this when I haven't written any new software in quite a while. Except for the classwork I should be working on right this moment.

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