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Dream: They come in threes?

The first was (I only remember a little) Batman Beyond only instead of Terry McGinnis there was an apparent cross between the young Robin in one of the Batman animated series and the evil psychic kid from the Justice Guild episode of Justice League--only he had the voice of Milo Oblong (and Otto of Time Squad). There was an older young man around (that is, possibly Terry or a little older) but I don't recall him being Terry. They and (the old) Bruce and Commissioner Barbara Gordon were discussing why Bruce put his eyeglasses in the oven--not like an oven oven, more like one of those barbershop sanitizers, but something that would've kept them warm, not that a barbershop sanitizer would. The kid thought it was because he wanted them crunchy, and then it was time for Commissioner Gordon to go so he escorted her out.

I was actually in the second dream: my older brother was an outlaw and come home to pick up our sister or his girlfriend or someone, and we were watching tv in a house similar to ours (that is, this one) but different. Something about robbing casinos, though not as grandly as in, say, 3000 Miles to Graceland (which was awful) or the remake of Ocean's Eleven. The main sequence was us pulling glasses out of the (larger, slightly misplaced) cabinet, looking for travel drink containers we could take with us. We found a few but were disappointed and dithering about which to take; we should've looked in a particular other cabinet, since that's where we actually keep them. This dream was very Love and a .45.

Whenever I remember my dreams, I don't feel very rested. Or is it that I only remember them when I've been interrupted, and so not fully rested? If I rest fully, do I not remember dreams?
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