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MUCKs: ODP editing

As you may know, I edit the Games: Internet: MUDs: MUCKs category of the Open Directory Project, a Netscape product. The ODP is where Google gets its Google Web Directory data, so if you ever wondered who edited this list, except for the Google PageRank™, that's me.

Here are some notes on editing I've done today. Hi.

  • There's a new editor in the Fantasy category, sabbath. I sent him "welcome!" feedback, and don't think he's anyone I know.
  • The Why IRC & MUCKs suck article disappeared again--but this time it's because is kaput. If I can track the author down, I'll ask if someone can post the article to Then revar can handle it, ha ha.
  • I might add Deuce's automated mapping script to the directory. Actually I might try it on hereliemonsters, especially if I could figure out how to automatically draw maps from the data. Of course, with HLM, I could just scour the actual database file for the map data if I wanted (though then private vs public wouldn't be honored very well). Yadda.
  • I had to snap the URL for FurryMUCK maps.
  • Timescape escaped wizvax for, but The Den doesn't seem to have gone anywhere new yet (or if it has, I don't know where) so it moved to the graveyard. disappeared, so Kwik's MUCK did too. Golden Realms (in Fantasy) moved, and is now next door to Gundam Wolf (added to Science Fiction). Yay. Other stuff moved and whatnot.
  • The WinFuzz site redirects to an administrative page, and has some strange certificate issues. Mozilla warns someone may be trying to hijack logins, basically, but it's easy enough to have the certificate say the right thing that I doubt that. If it were the right site but unsigned, well, someone might've been doing something nefarious. That or they didn't want to pay $75 to get a signed certificate.

So yay.

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