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LAN party yadda yadda Christmas music

Yesterday's LAN party was neat. Nominally it was a LUG workshop and installfest, but, of course, it wasn't: We just played Warcraft 3 (my first time) and the Unreal Tournament 2003 demo. There was a little Quake 3 going around, though we didn't play it in any big way. UT2003 is quite nifty.

I picked up a few (possibly only a couple) tracks for this year's Christmas mix disc, not that I'm compiling it yet. Unfortunately we (in the collective) take much more than a year to create a disc's worth of Christmas music worth putting on my mix disc (eh-he), so I imagine it won't change much if at all. (I forget if there's room to just add any new songs--I think there isn't.) So if I'm arsed to work on it, it'd probably be spent improving the audio quality.

Of course, this would only be Year Two; it's not a hallowed tradition or anything. I apparently didn't blog them, but it was this MetaFilter thread that made me make a Christmas music disc in the first place. After that I browsed Art of the Mix, a repository of all stripes of mix disc playlists, and anywhere else. Mostly the MetaFilter thread, though.

The old playlist is here. To be clear, it's recorded in the listed order. The new songs are:

  • Green Christmas by Barenaked Ladies
  • Marshmallow World by Los Straitjackets
  • So This is Christmas by John Lennon
  • Winter Wonderland by Harry Connick Jr

There was also a supposed medley by Barenaked Ladies, but it's only God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen--which is good, mind, but I have the version with Sarah McLachlan on the disc already. Dunno.

Um, remember I said "not that I'm compiling it yet?" The plenitude of browser tabs I have open now imply I'm a liar.

Yes, it is way early, but do I hear any holiday music suggestions?

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