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More Trillian Pro

  • My previous post, if you missed it.
  • Greg Hard reviews Trillian Pro for the TSSAddicts forum. The next page link is above the navigation bar below the post; all designers of currently popular forum software should learn themselves good about Fitt's Law.
  • emmathesysad of Happy Palm gives Trillian Pro a don't-buy in Trillian Pro: A SysAd's verdict. Yeah, they're charging $25 for software you might've gotten for $1 if you had donated--but it's silly to think anything but, "Damn, I should've donated." If more people had donated, they wouldn't have to charge for an enhanced version. That's almost as silly as the people on the OSBetas forum bitching that Cerulean has the unmitigated gall to charge for software when they were led to believe Pro would be free (by no one saying otherwise, as far as I can tell). I can definitely see the Windows end of that Windows-Mac disparity--not that I donated either.
  • Apparently there's an IRC denial of service "flaw" in 0.73 and 0.74. How can Trillian fix this, though? Isn't it just like flooding any other IRC client?

Still no answer to my "Does it do the same focus-grabbing crap 0.73 does when it starts?" question. Alas and alack.

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