markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Trillian Pro: RSS and XP Professional

Wow, the new version of Trillian (Trillian Pro 1.0) has an RSS news plugin (described here in the Features Tour). Doesn't look like it scales this much, though.

And weird that they're using Microsoft's Professional/Watercolors theme for XP (actual size; I started using it after shippo told me about it) on all the screen shots. Won't people think it's just a cool new Trillian design? Did they get permission from Microsoft? Here they call it the "Whistler" skin, but your typical IM user isn't going to know that's XP prerelease. I thought at first that might mean they started using native widgets, but then I noticed the close button in this shot has a custom minimization icon.

It looks from the plugin docs like you could write a new medium plugin, as long as you didn't mind it being totally disintegrated with the rest of Trillian (for example, not having its contacts saved by Trillian or returned in a contactlistEnumerate). Other than that, "this is coming." The only other plugin idea I have right now would be a file-sharing plugin, which would take a while to write. And I have other projects already.

Some contact list features. Pro also does ICQ's floating contact list item thing, which I never liked anyway. It also conceives of "Metacontacts"--you know, the people you have two or three of in your contact list because they're on multiple services too.

They say free Trillian has a "simple and sleek interface," which apparently doesn't include the menus. The menus are the one thing for which I want screenshots, because they're so hideously convoluted in free Trillian. Sane menus would be worth $25.
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