markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

winget and file size

I got winget to stop downloads for me. I did it pretty stupidly: added a per-thread global variable that gets changed from 0 to 1 if the user has asked it to stop. But it looks like it'll work.

Not only doesn't it resume from what already downloaded yet (since I don't have it set that option), but I have to merge this code with the version at home. It's the one at home that doesn't use iostream, which ballooned the compiled program (admittedly with all the debug info in) to in excess of 900 KB instead of in excess of 500 KB.

I feel bad when I compare that to BeipMU's 178 KB until I realize Beip does everything through Windows' APIs (except the main output window, which is a custom widget to get the spiffy color and text effects), whereas wget--just pure command-line wget--is around a half meg too. So the vast bulk of winget is still wget and the size isn't my fault.
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