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I'm not weblogging much anywhere, since I'm always on campus and that's inconvenient. Unless of course I bumped up my web plan to script and installed Movable Type. Campus gets my mornings, which is when I end up lucid, and this past week I've been getting home, MUCKing an hour or two, and napping 'til late. I don't honestly think I'll switch blogging tools, though I threaten to pretty often. It's something of a sucks-least scenario: I don't see any other tool as so much better than Radio to bother switching. And then there's the sunk-time argument.

Lee (somebody at school) likes Winamp3, so I'm trying it for myself. If I keep using it, it's only if they publish their skin docs (yeah, yeah, there's a tutorial) and I can make one that, like, doesn't suck. You'd think the people building such a high-profile app as Winamp3 for such a high-profile company as AOL/Time Nullsoft would have heard of Fitt's Law, but the top pixel of the window--while sufficient to switch to the app--doesn't swap out of windowshade mode when doubleclicked. Not only can't you select a font for shaded playlist editor with the Default skin, but you can't even select one for the opened editor anymore.

I listened to WAWL for the first time this semester; heard what sounded like the new SR-71 single, but apparently there isn't one. Maybe they changed their name so they could bilk other unsuspecting folk with their punk-flavored boy band tripe.
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