markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

winget function spec 2.0

I updated the winget functional specification today. Changes:

  • The WinURL-like single-click behavior that Paul Victor Novarese suggested.
  • Open issue: how do entirely enqueued downloads affect the status tooltip?
  • Balloon tips, and open issue: do what instead on balloon tip-less versions of Windows?
  • Context menu has Exit option, not Help.
  • Context menu options have keyboard shortcuts.
  • Open issue: how does the user know selecting an interrupted download turns the Stop button into Play?

The other icon besides the Iconfactory Smoothicons globe (the one used in the spec and the development version of the software) that I thought might work well is this crate icon (currently a first page download) from Iconizer. Iconizer also offers icon design services to developers; $40 is a bit high for a free software thing, though, especially for the other pre-existing icon that would be good, the $40 Wired Planet icon in their shop. I'm also not sure if I'd do business with them, since the biggest customer according to their portfolio is Maxprog, who publish a bulk email tool for OS X. They seem pretty scrupulous for someone who sells a bulk email tool, but I dunno.

White-Delirium and Ink suggested looking for Amiga icons and tracking down the owner for permission to use, and Straywulf offered to make one if need be. Thing is, I wouldn't know what to suggest he make: I have globes and boxes on the brain, and I wouldn't want to ask he knock off one of these Iconizer icons.

In other news, the software will actually download a file, as long as I hardcode the URL into the routine. So yeah: I roxx0r.

Also, I've been speaking a bit with the author of BeipMU, the wonderful nice MUD/MUCK client for Windows. I think I'm taking a very Beip-like tack with the interface design; he says the "Progress" dialog as I drew it could only be implemented by a handful of people he knows. So I guess we'll see how good a win32 programmer I am already, when I get to that.

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