markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

winget progress: yay

Ink humored me quite a bit last night, helping me understand more about using C and C++ in the same program. winget actually has wget code in it now. Yay Ink!

Because of how wget is designed to have either the dot or bar style progress bars, I should be able to fairly easily add a new mode--a winget mode, where the functions called are aware of the Windows stuff and updates it accordingly. And I don't think it's designed to care what the filename is at that point, so I'll have to figure how to tell which progress bar is which. And that's assuming it's no harder to call the C++ stuff from the C than it was the other, which I really know next to nothing about.

I still haven't looked further at how to make a tabbed dialog without MFC. I think I have to actually do it programmatically, placing the subdialogs in the tabs and switching them when the tabs switch, or something. If there were more than the three screens, I would just do one of those list-type selectors on the side (like in, for example, putty), though I'd still have to assign the subdialogs correctly. I could also do that, and split it up into more screens: I stuffed everything in the three screens pretty much because they were going into a tabbed dialog.

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