markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Morning thoughts: things to program

  • A TSR for Windows that turns windows transparent with a keystroke
  • A Radio tool that auto-replaces acronyms and acronymic abbreviations in posts.
  • A web service to provide links like Yahoo news stories have, about people, given a name.
  • Interactive web access log analyzer: instead of getting a static set of reports, build queries like "referrers of all the 404s" or "requested URLs of all the hits referred by Google," and get tables and charts dynamically generated. I know it takes a while to crunch that kinda data, so this would be good for exhibiting or attaining one's grok-in-fullness status wrt data structures.
  • UserTalk-to-Python converter. At first I thought a module might be sufficient, but the syntax is sufficiently different that it'd need a whole parser. One would want at least a syntax similar to Python's native evaluates, especially where one is given particular dictionaries as the global and local scopes. (Phillip also points out the formal grammar.)
  • That Mozilla WYSIWYG HTML editor. There are four ways to go to build such a thing: embed Composer (which actual Mozillafolk are working on, as I understand it; I couldn't help without learning Mozilla first and by then someone else will have made it work), script around a Flash component (such components are available but that means the editor won't use Gecko for rendering the WYSIWYGness; before plugins became scriptable again this wasn't possible, but now it is), make a contentEditable node with XBL (this is what Q42's code does, and which I've been avoiding working on mostly because it's really hard and I insufficiently understand the important bits as of yet), or fake it with a div and textarea (this was my original plan: have the HTML in a hidden/invisible textarea to which the actual keystrokes go, and just set a div's innerHTML (or build DOMwise) whatever's in the textarea; showing selections would be pretty hard, except I've already learned about the selection object to be able to tweak Q42's code).

Might add something else later. I suppose this is something of a companion piece to Ink's journal entry about bugs (as in annoyances). Do you have any ideas to share?

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