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Silverbrand among others have now mentioned the porn clerk board link that Ink showed me a couple days ago. I got around to looking at the MetaFilter thread about it, and it mentioned that Ali Davis (the author) was on This American Life. I asked Ink if that's where he heard about it from, and he said it wasn't; through some turn of phrase we puzzled out if This American Life was NPR or PRI and/or if it mattered (I think I, not a regular public radio listener, may have confused it with All Things Considered). Ended up getting him to the site with a comment about the PRI logo being there or something, and he cursed me for getting him to go: "Weekend pretty much shot when that happens."

So as slight penance I've now spent a couple (more!) hours spidering furry subculture figures' LiveJournals, reading in default lurker mode if only because most of the items are non-current (and commenting to old items is taboo, pointless, or both). At first I browsed wrt the notorious event at Anthrocon, but by now it's back to imagining myself as friends with the popular, secretive people, being someone also important and known and having real reason to be secretive, as opposed to having a small porous clique of select characters from other groups bound together with bubblegum and bailing twine, and not even having an unambiguous handle to call my own.

So there ya fuckerin' are.
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