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No simple style?

I'm a bit annoyed that there's no dead-simple style for posting. I'm guessing the wily LiveJournal developers know that if they added one, people would apply all kinds of wacky CSS to it and not need any additional styles, or that it would make it easier to screenscrape pages. At least, that's the charitable assumption--maybe they just don't realize how much they could save in bandwidth if they didn't use <font/> or <table/>.

'Course with the problems I've had with CSS on my Radio weblog, I'm not surprised if they just want to not *alienate* people using, say, Netscape 4, by making pages look arm-gnawingly bland.

But mainly this is a test post using the LiveJournal client thingus, considering how it could be, say, rewritten in Python and publish to HTML files locally and using something like UserLand's xmlStorageSystem to put up on a server or ftp somewhere. "LiveJournal on the Desktop," if you will.

Main problem with that design--as far as replacing MUOTD--is that there's no syndication aggregator component. How could that be linked? SOAP or some other general IPC protocol to send a syndicated item to the blogging program? I guess. It's a big question.
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