markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Now it can be told

So, yeah, now I have some things I didn't:

  • Microtel yadda blah with 1.8GHz Pentium 4, 256MB RAM, ca 40GB disk (in two ca 18GB partitions)
  • More fan noise (at least while it's on the desk instead of under it)
  • Larger, flat screen monitor
  • Windows XP
  • ClearType® brand subpixel font rendering from previous two items
  • Same old 56k modem
  • The hulking Pentium 233, previously and currently a Windows 95 box
  • Debian Woody for previous
  • Plans to put Linux Router Project mumble yadda on routerbox, since Debian Woody isn't too friendly for that deficient a system and previous two items will yield a device to take over routerbox's additional duties as mailfetcher, etc
  • Additional network card for routerbox, so previous plan can be enacted
  • Lack (currently) of second crossover cable with which to enact previous plan
  • CD-RW drive (though I don't have any RWs to burn, just Rs)
  • Volatile, unbacked-up data already organized on new box for easy backing up to discs
  • Andy Fragen's myFixFilePathsAndAddresses script with which Radio adjusted gleefully to being d:\\radio instead of e:\\radio.
  • Enough moosepower to use Radio's Instant Outlining feature again
  • Mozilla (with Orbit theme, though I downloaded and may try Pinball)
  • BeipMU 2 beta with its own SSL, since that didn't work on 95

I look forward to doing some interesting things with the above.

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