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Yesterday was a pretty bad day. I didn't feel too well (but not sick) when I got up; 'rents were gone shopping somewhere hours away. I didn't really eat anything in the morning, or early afternoon. I was going to puzzle out if the TiVo--which isn't working, since it or some digital satellite gadgetry got damaged by the storm two days ago--wanted to work, and it didn't. I decided to watch a movie someone bought for me, on VHS, but the VCR in the front room isn't able to put a picture on the TV anymore (some wiring issue between it and the stereo receiver and the TV), and I'm wary of the junky VCR in the living room. So I didn't.

'Rents called since they decided they wanted to see Episode 2, and asked if I wanted to go, and I made the mistake of saying I did. As they say, that's several hours of my life I'm not getting back. As we left we saw the big Ford F-350 or whatever it was a couple spaces over had its window broken--but all the glass was outside, so dad said it must've overheated inside and blown the window out.

The day ended with a headache--which was what my unwell feeling in the morning became, apparently--during which time I mucked and lie down, waiting for people to leave the kitchen living area place, since I needed something to eat (we didn't eat out, so I had basically not eaten--that was eight or nine at night, so I'd been up for ten or eleven hours) but was definitely not in the mood to have anybody near me. (I get paranoid and generally uncomfortable when I'm in a bad mood, and I feel like anybody there is watching me; just part of my feeling like I have to put forth a persona, I guess.)

But that worked out acceptably and eventually I went to bed. Now I feel OK, and have been able to work on my muck project thing.

Heard an hour or two ago there was a fire where my mom works. I heard because she called, though, so she's all right; at the time they were still standing outside waiting for it to be put out and whatnot, but she's all right. Now it's raining again. I'm afraid it'll be another bad storm, which will mean more lying on the bed and reading the UNIX shell programming book someone bought me, computers off and unplugged. (Still can't quite fathom why people buy me stuff, not that there are many who do.) I figure it was the loud noise and bright flashes the day before that gave me a headache yesterday, anyway.

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