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Uneasy Friday

Good morning. How are you? I'm just dandy.

We got our CS499 final: save a simple object from Animation:Master in .mdl format, and read and render it in an OpenGL program. All the programming has been in C++, but since the assignment didn't explicitly say "C++," I asked the silly question, "Do we have to write it in [that]?" The answer was "No," so I may look into doing it in Python, since that's the mental module I have loaded and can't afford the context switch. The other part of the final is a gallery web site of the stuff we did this semester, suitable for linking into a new department site. That sounds neat, and I plan to do a nice standards-compliant XHTML/CSS site to do that. I already have an idea for a design, since it's a very simple task, so I guess that'll be OK.

I also have the outliner, Stapler, exams, a detailed design for an imaginary electronic medical records database, reupgrading my Linux box to woody so CPAN won't try to install Perl 5.6.1 and I can get LiveJournal server installed, and my shuttle sim work to do. In a week and a half. Yay. Then I have to have a full-time job for the summer "or else," as I groused here earlier. At least I got a new version of Kit out last night--but that was because there were two important bug fixes.

In the news: Slow-S X and GeekPAC. Vivendi sells is "business and health publishing unit." The Kuro5hin article on Emergent Music is, in fact, worth reading, even though everything I've read so far has been by garyrob. I also point at this Sacramento Bee article on the planetary alignment not only because of the interesting story, but the neat DHTML console.

It's speck's birthday! Happy birthday!!

Since K-Meleon uses a simple combobox for its URL field, rather than having a "Search with Google" option in there like Mozilla, one can press ctrl-G to pop up a dialog asking for a query string. The odd thing is, it doesn't go to the normal url--that is, rather Besides breaking the relative links to images, and not doing that new forward-if-misspelled-and-hitless thing, now it doesn't work at all. Here's what I entered and (something like) what I got back:

python threadpython tpypy tpy
dj dustydj dj d
paul boutinpaul bpaul bpapaul bpaul bpapaul bpaul

So the quick-Googling is worthless now.

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