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It's not particularly a day for doing anything. I have an economics exam tomorrow, and a paper due in Software Engineering II due (reportedly) Thursday, but I'm just sitting here in the dark lab*, reading, browsing, contemplating, while I listen to good music I haven't in a while, even though I'm supposed to be in my accounting class right now.

In fact, I'm so procrastinatory, I just wrote a quick Perl script* so I could find the differences and similarities between these lists (the latter being the crucial one), intending to read or at least browse a few in one or the other. The first in the list of not-mines is, or a fire inside, or--fancifully--i dreamed i killed you with a bag of ramen noodles. It's quite expository and, probably, the reason I'm actually writing something as opposed to my usual mindless linking blogging blah blah blah blah.

Except, of course, that I don't actually have anything to say.

* I never turn the lights on, but apparently no one else felt like it today either. There have been several people in and out, as well as the door vibrating from whatever sonic measuring device I've imagined the builders of the new CS/eng/math building are using.

* I still figure it's running some Perl script that got me banned from moccasun, but I still haven't bothered to find out. I don't want to deal with their fascist shit when I don't have to, ah?
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