markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Blogless morning

Good morning. My home box unbooted or something, so I'm without my normal blog thing today. Tsk.

But I've got NewsIsFree, so I can still natter on.

When I mentioned radio programming, this is what I meant.

Ev points at (finally) some reasons for not using HTTP auth for various weblog APIs. Personally, I'd still be tempted to say to use transport-specific auth for whatever transport's used, since I'm pretty sure every remotely-called function having user and pass parameters isn't what some people had in mind.

Yahoo! pedo! community! busted! by Thomas C Greene for The Register. Forty pervs are currently in handcuffs, and another fifty are expected to be rounded up by week's end. Also by him, Aussie cops and Feds use DIRT: This is how sad Australian Feds and cybercops are. They want to use a tool no better than an IRC kiddie's Trojan which enables them to control a victim's machine -- even upload incriminating files to it -- and then skate away without leaving a trace.

Cool font site with free TrueType fonts--but the cool part is the awesome font viewer. (Via

Introductory Cyberpunk?, an inquiring Kuro5hin diary with good suggestions. Meanwhile, rusty is serializing a short (short) story in textads.

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