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Film nyar

NYT article on anime, also available through FoRK from carey. Apropos since not only did I rent Akira this weekend, I just watched the last part of Postman Blues on Sundance Channel.

But in fact, Japanese film has probably never been as popular internationally as it is right now. ... It has been estimated that anime... now account for 60 percent of Japanese film production.

After a decade or two as an underground phenomenon in the United States--where legions of obsessive fans exchange fuzzy videotapes or, more commonly now, trade bootlegged movie files over the Internet--anime is slowly emerging into the light of [the New York Times].

Memento was really cool, and I liked Jonathon Nolan's short story, provided on the DVD.

Postman Blues was strange to my American palate. Sawaki's parts--particularly his cluelessness as to what was going on--reminded me of Roberto Benigni's Il Mostro, but the ending is completely serious, apparently:

But it is the cops with their roadblocks and blocked minds that makes them representative of all that is stifling about modern society. Despite their own bungling stupidity and a few good eggs, they are more formidable than the self-destructive fools in Dangan Runner. Their power drives up the ante and makes the smashing conclusion to Postman Blues that much more potent and adrenaline-filled.

Also, when I rented Akira, it only came with the one disc, so I didn't get to see all the cool stuff on the extras disc named in the digitallyOBSESSED DVD review above that gave it an A+ for extras. Still nice to see the film again, though.

And now I've rated 100 films at Movielens. Yaaay.

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