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I was part of an amateur infiltration team from somewhere, infiltrating a war-ful planet with armor and weapons that made them seem, as usual, vaguely insectlike. We had gone on several missions, including one to Corcodan; the one to Corcodan, though, involved some measure of mercy on our part as infiltrators of the warlike people.

The war teams met in a large, wooden-esque room with a floor that sloped down to the right and to the side, toward the transport pools, and a low-ceilinged entry area to the left and forward.

Later, we had done well on our previous assignments, which was good, because a good team (which was us) was being sent to Corcodan, where we had an obligation to fulfill. We took a small huddle in a small meeting room (more like an empty utility closet), where we put together our game plan for the good we were going to do.

Then we were sent to Corcodan, which apparently was our ticket back home to "somewhere." We fulfilled our obligation (I assume, more than remember), and then ran like hell to where we were going to be picked up. Unfortunately, somewhere during that, I had lost my clothes, so I was running naked down this grey stone sidewalk with brick buildings to my left. As I passed a firehouse, someone saw me whom I recognized from school. So, since I was covering myself with one hand, I waved very friendlily with the other. Later, the same thing happened, only this time it was Dawn, the graduate student lady whom I've been working with on the shuttle thing. I just wave again.

By this time, I've made it to this park with kind of swampy areas, though it's not mostly wet, which is nice. This is where we get picked up--I assume, since that's about where it ended.

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