markpasc (markpasc) wrote,

Why I'm not in a good mood

  • I think my blood sugar's been erratic.
  • People are, on the whole, especially stupid this week. I am aware I am no exception.
  • I erased a bunch of pictures on the Sony Cybershot DSC-whatever because with the "Image Size" and whatnot options it has a "Format" option that isn't related to picture format, but rather means "Format memory stick" in the same sense as "Format hard drive." Its only suboptions are "OK" and "Cancel." It's the second time I've accidentally done it, but the first time there were pictures on the stick at the time.
  • The picture I was trying to take (a shot of my Palm V in a dark room with the backlight on, for my December calendar) didn't come out well enough to use. I have another idea and I hope that comes out better, but I can't even try to take it until it's night again.
  • Someone on SPR who has two characters, one I pretty much hate and one with whom I'm at least cordial, pissed me off last night, so I basically streamed a bunch of curses at him, which apparently stunned a few people.
  • Someone who, I'm sorry, gives me the creeps most of the time now has a character on SPR. Them apparently being a good friend with an acquaintance I admire doesn't help in the least.
  • The stupid county Ten Commandments thing is still going on.
  • It's exam time.
  • My bed situation is still up in the air.
  • My room is messy.
  • The terrorists have already won.
  • My constant paranoia about money, and realizing I have to have $1200+ to attend school for each extra semester it'll take me to graduate. That's why I can't buy anything for myself even though I have the better part of a thousand dollars in the bank.
  • No neat music to listen to and no money to buy any.
  • Our Christmas tree still isn't decorated. I should break down, make some hot cocoa, and decorate the whole thing myself while everyone else is gone. (But I wouldn't appreciate if they did that to me, so hopefully I won't do that.)
  • People asking me if there's any particular reason I'm not in a good mood.
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