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It was kind of a game, I think.

There's one part in which there's a house, and one character can go in. It's a multistory house that's full of stuff but feels open. There are tvs in the upper and lower parts--the lower one is playing some Star Trek: TNG movie, and the upper is playing something with Lisa Bonet in. Felt like a pleasant house. At one point I had the character there lock the doors.

The other is more interesting, though they are related, somehow. The first I remember, the protagonist (vaguely female; princess of something maybe) and her party are invading some kind of nautical ship thing. There are three entrances, separated by middling tall walls that rise as they approach the entrances. As they approach, walls pop up, trapping some of the party. Some of them in the middle can still leap over the wall, to the left entrance, where the same thing happens--only, one north-south wall grows up from the floor to the left and zooms at them, about to squish them against the east wall. It doesn't; I don't fully remember why.

Turns out the guy in charge of the boat wants something from the protagonist (construct me an X, give me your Y, find out who Z) that requires the protagonist be able to move around the ship, but only for T time before the boatmaster will kill her party or something equally destructive and drastic.

The boatguys call the protagonist and her companion ailoos (which I also remember coming up in the other part of the dream). The last point at which I remembered this seemed to be a replay of one point where the protagonist and her sidekick want in a certain restricted area, so they attack a boatguy and knock him out so they can use his access card. The door to the place was kind of a translucent blue, the kind of translucent blue you'd see in certain Lego pieces: not the clear blue like the dome for the shuttle launch set, but the one with white highlights textured into it so it was harder to see through. At any rate, they point the card edgewise at it and red lights light up down its center, and it opens in four triangularish parts. They go in; as they do, some passing people say something about ailoos going into the restricted area, but the door shuts.

It's pretty dark in there. The protagonist messes with some console, while the sidekick watches the guy. The guy wakes up, asks what they did (or something--I forget). He blusters hurriedly that they have to get out of there, since apparently restricted area access is on tight time restrictions for security purposes (ie, to keep what was happening from happening). So the protagonist and her sidekick get out in time, but the boatguy doesn't, but that's OK because they're all really holograms or something.

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