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December 14th, 2008


JumpDomain sucks

JumpDomain is totally screwing me by not renewing my markpasc.org domain even though I paid them to renew it on the 4th.

People have had to resort to messaging me on Flickr and elsewhere to ask me about stuff. The site is still available at a different name thanks to Cornerhost’s nice every-name-a-subdomain feature, but that doesn’t help anyone searching or, say, sending me email. The earliest disruption was when I tried to reply to my sister-in-law about getting gifts for my nephews (noted earlier) and Comcast rejected my mail; I didn’t realize at the time why but the next day my web site was down too, so it was obvious.

As everyone else on the internet seems to note (I included this, this, and this in my message to Tucows; also this) JumpDomain was highly regarded when they first started, but seem to be not even answering support requests anymore. How Tucows or Enom would let them get away with running a business that irresponsibly is beyond me. (My support request has only been open a few days, but after reading these stories, I gave up and contacted Tucows directly today.)

I have to admit I’m surprised that Tucows would throw a tasting style page up on my domain. Even before I found out they were doing that, I fantasized a couple minutes yesterday I might start my own registrar or reseller; one feature would be a more helpful failwhale style “Technical difficulties!” page warning a customer that a domain had expired, but I wasn’t sure ICANN would allow a registrar to take over an expired domain immediately like that. (I figure this kills your site from search engine listings either way.) It’s sad that it’s possible but Tucows is spamvertising instead. Hopefully they can make up for it by helping me get the name back.

Also not encouraging is that on the Tucows Domain Name Help Center, the “you can go here for assistance” link doesn’t work. Fortunately they have other links that do, such as their “If my provider does not help me, can you assist?” FAQ.

I did contribute to this myself by not realizing I had an old email for my admin address on that domain. I may need to file the Change of Admin Email form with Tucows for them to help me renew/release the domain. Oddly enough this never mattered before in the several years I’ve been renewing this domain, so I never noticed. (Registrar feature #2: better integrated monitoring and updating of contact emails across an account and all its domains.)

My other domains are with WebLaunching.net, though I haven’t had a customer service emergency to test with them either. At least they don’t have the vociferous web hate JumpDomain now has, plain as day on the first page of Google results.

Are your names coming up for renewal? Who’s your registrar? Do you like them?