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September 20th, 2008


I’m always eager to believe people who tell me I’m smart and creative, but is this Psychology Today article1 some cold reading bullshit or what?

Or as put by the author: “Here are the 10 antithetical traits often present in creative people that are integrated with each other in a dialectical tension.”

  1. You’re energetic, except when you’re exhausted; you’re sexually charged, except when you’re not.
  2. You’re smart, but not too smart, and not always.
  3. You work hard and play hard.
  4. You’re in the here and now, except when you’re off in your own world.
  5. You like crowds and company, except when you don’t.
  6. You crow about your accomplishments, yet you know how much you suck.
  7. You’re strong, but have a soft side.
  8. You have enough experience in your area to make what’s good even better.
  9. You’re both enthusiastic and analytical in your work.
  10. Your awareness in your area of expertise is a blessing and a curse.

If this is what makes you creative, it’s even more proof of Ken Robinson’s claim that everyone can be creative.

1 It’s gratifying enough I forgot where I got the link before reading it, yet came to a similar conclusion.