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June 16th, 2008


Firefox 3

Download DayKesh’s post reminds me: Firefox 3 comes out tomorrow, Tuesday the 17th—but I’ve already been using it. Despite overcoming the lack of Greasemonkey and Firebug, Safari still has no Awesomebar, and I can happily report that since upgrading to Firefox 3 rc2 (now rc3) and Firefox 3 versions of my extensions (Firebug, Greasemonkey, and Adblock Plus), I haven’t noticed any crashing, either.

  • That first link is about Spread Firefox’s Download Day 2008, the attempt to get Firefox into the Guinness World Record book for “most software downloads in 24 hours.”
  • Deb Richardson compiled a field guide to Firefox 3 showing off all the new features and improvements.
  • If you don’t want to read, watch Mike Beltzner’s screencast guide to the major features instead.
  • The improved default theme for OS X is more OS X-y, but if it’s not quite OS X-y enough for you with all the rounded buttons and whatnot, try one of the GrApple themes.
  • Lastly, feel for Mark Smith, who’s working at Mozilla, supporting all this craziness.

If you aren’t going to use Firefox 3, there’s still good news: even at $0, the market for browsers is competitive again. Safari is a better browser because of Firefox, and Firefox 3 is a better browser because of Safari. Here’s looking forward to a Safari 4 that makes me want to switch again! (But hopefully not too soon.)